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The web hosting market is increasingly competitive and is facing major consolidation. Atomia has almost 20 years of experience in building effective and user friendly software for web hosts. We can help you reduce complexity and accelerate sales.

System consolidation

01 Billing | 02 Automation | 03 Sales | 04 Management

Main benefits:

  • Significantly decrease maintenance work by having just one software to maintain
  • Increased development efficiency by only developing for one platform
  • Holistic view of complete system from Administrators panel
  • Swift onboarding of new employees in one easy to use system
  • Granular reports for sales, marketing and financial department

Billing and online sales

Credit cards

Main benefits:

  • Complete billing lifecycle, from the first invoice to payment or debt collection
  • State of the art checkout and payment experience for your customers
  • Ready-to-go storefront, have one or multiple storefronts deployed easily
  • Run multiple legal entities from one platform, follow all VAT rules and easily integrate with ERP systems
  • User friendly self-service end customer portal will lower support demand
  • Extensive and user friendly campaign manager

Provision and automation

Easily integrate third party services

Main benefits:

  • Keep using trusted systems such as Plesk and cPanel with improved end customer experience, automated provisioning and single sign on from unified panel
  • Provision and provide single sign on experience with any third party system from single panel
  • Easily integrate third party services, including billing and automation to extend your offering to your customers
  • Billing integration with automatic triggers on automation level, for example to suspend/unsuspend due to unpaid invoices

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