Internal enterprise cloud

Everyone is or should utilize the cloud to support and drive their business. Atomia helps you to manage, use and handle the billing of your hybrid cloud.

SAAS like self-service

SAAS like self-service with single-sign-on awesomeness

Main benefits:

  • State of the art user friendly interfaces
  • Full self-service interface with real time management and support
  • Complete overview of services, billing items and usage information
  • Single-sign-on to all related services from one centralized management interface
  • Simple provisioning for the team leads and managers

Billing, chargeback and reporting

Billing, chargeback and reporting

Main benefits:

  • Flexible billing with online payment integrations
  • Extensive API to integrate with and extract billing information
  • Fully customizable billing metrics and interface
  • Usage based limitations, prepaid configuration and other means of managing billing workflows
  • Policies for different groups of users (ie. departments)

Standardize service delivery and reduce support

Standardize service delivery and reduce support

Main benefits:

  • Configure standardized account provisioning
  • Utilize and provision existing policies in conjunction with Atomia
  • Automatic role setup for new employees
  • Billing workflow automation integration
  • Integrate with Active Directory or any other ACL you are already familiar with

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